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Leonardo DaVinci

Proportion/Perspective Worksheet

Proportion/Perspective Worksheet
Mona Lisa Worksheet
Inventions Worksheet
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Proportion/Perspective Worksheet
Print out this worksheet.  Write your answers on the worksheet.  To find the answers to the questions, go to the website on the "computer worksheet" indicated above each set of questions, and click on it.


  1. How did DaVinci come up with the number .618 as the "golden ratio"?

  1. What is the height of the average adult?
  2. How wide are the shoulders?
  3. Where is the halfway point of the adult?
  4. What does the outstretched arms equal?

  1. What is linear perspective based on?
  2. What happens to the object as more distance is created between you and the object?
  3. The purpose of the vanishing point?

  1. Which objects and people in each scene appear closest?
  2. Which objects appear furthest away?
  3. How do the sizes of objects change when they are further away?
  4. How do the colors of the more distant mountains differ form those in front?

  1. What are the three elements that DaVinci found in the atmosphere that causes the haziness and blueness of distant objects?
  2. With this knowledge, what happens to an object as it moves further away?

  1. Go to the computer generated scene, and try experimenting with the atmospheric effect.

  1. Go to the computer generated scene, and try to figure out which figure fits better in the perspective drawing.

  1. Define the following words: horizon line, vanishing point, orthogonal lines.
  2. Go to the computer generated scene.  See if you can locate the horizon line, orthogonal lines, and vanishing point.